Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Undeniability of God

Many people disbelieve there is a god because they say there is no proof. Well, I have to strongly disagree with you. You say there is no proof, yet how is it that atoms came together to make molecules? And then how did those molecules join with others to make particles? If it were a random sort of thing, there would be millions of elements and molecules that all had their distinctive differences. Now, on to the subject of life. How is it, may I ask, that these assorted molecules were able to come together to make a being that had enough intelligence to move, to eat, to drink, to sleep? Trees, an assortment of cells that are made up of millions of atoms. These cells are encoded with DNA which is a combination of 4 molecules over and over to give the tree its characheristics. How is it that these molecules don't interchange very often? How do they keep their pattern, when this pattern has over 600 billion parts to it? And you would think that proteins, complicated as they are, would also have an ifinite number of equations and combinations. But where is the proof of this? There are too many things that are believed to be part of a code that goes through reality. But how did this code get here? Too many explanations for too many problems lead to many more unsolvable problems that can only be solved by inserting the human religion equation. There HAS to be a controlling hand, an omnipotent being that controls even the smallest things in life. Gravity, lightspeed, electromagnetic tracing, telescopic effects, weather, natural disasters, and many more things scream that there has to be a God, otherwise, none of this would work. This universe and its laws are to complex to have just "happened". The fact that life even exists is proof of God. He's there. He's watching. And no matter what you say, He will never go away.

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