Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Death of Evolution

One controversy that is going around in the world of science is the Theory of Evolution. It was conceived by Charles Darwin that we humans are evolved from moneys, seeing as they are our closest animal relatives. Maybe, but how can we prove it? There are those who believe that the first life on Earth began when some lightning struck a mass of chemicals at the exact time when conditions were right for life, and that started the first microorganisms. That guy obviously missed out on his High School biology class. In my biology class, we have discussed the term "spontaneous generation" which is when something non-living spawns something living. This was proven by Louis Pasteur to be a false pretense. It was PROVEN. How could something living have come from something non-living? Then, on another issue, the complexity of the human genome and the genomes of all of the other species is WAY too diverse to be in any way related. How could evolution have occurred when a disease called Tay Sachs is caused by the misplacement of one base on the ENTIRE DNA strand? One base out of billions can cause death before age 5. So how could the DNA of a monkey have mutated safely enough to give the offspring the intelligence of a human? Everything is supervised, is how. We control nothing of the human genome and the effects that it has on us. We are learning, but it will take several decades before we understand the genome. This all speaks of a Creator. One Supreme being that supervises and oversees everything in the universe. Otherwise, we would all have never existed in the first place. You can't get bacteria out of a place where bacteria didn't already exist. You can't get humans from monkeys because of the complexities of the human genome and the severe effects that it has when even one base out of billions is messed up. God exists. There are too many things that would have gone wrong had there not been a god. He watches you. He loves you. And He's the whole reason that we are here today.

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