Sunday, November 21, 2010


Human beings were born into the world, having many traits with which to ensure their own survival. Deception was infused into the human personality, for the sole purpose of protecting one's self against dejection or rejection of the village. What is this cursed thing, this thing that causes pain to all who use it, and to those that it is directed towards? By definition, deception is the same as its definition. Confusing, isn't it? It puts forth the interesting question of how do we tell deception from truth? We can usually tell by the past character observations of the person talking. If they have deceived in the past, they are probably still doing it. If a person is morally trustworthy, people expect him/her to be truthful and honest. Another way we can tell is by certain and minute details that speak of truth or lie. If something is described thoroughly, most of the time it is a truthful statement. However, if it seems rushed and blends together badly, there is most likely falsehood. But, there are those that are professionals in lying and tricking. And these are the people that we must look out for the most. But, these people are easily distinguished between themselves and honorable people. Those who are trustworthy are hardworking, long suffering, positive, and are good examples of Christ. Those who are master deceivers can be singled out because of their dirty dealings, their dark personality, the bad feeling they bring, and the uncertainty that you feel when around them. We can protect ourselves from these people with practice. But, how do we protect ourselves from ourselves? How can we distinguish what is truth and lie inside our minds when they feud with each other, yet both make reasonable arguments in your head? The deception of yourself lies within your own pretenses and can only be decided by you. But make sure you think everything through, try to notice the details that will make it a false idea, test it against your own experience, and if you don't have any experience in that field, go to someone who does. I made a grave error of judgment and thought that life had stabbed me in the back with a rusty knife. Little did I know that it was me who was doing the stabbing. Imagine my surprise when I realized this. All that despair and sadness was for naught? D'oh! And this is where I am, kicking myself and laughing at how quick I was to judge, and how that ended up being a source of great pain for myself.


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  2. Now I forgot what I wanted to say. :(