Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have applied a few modifications on my blog so that everyone can post again. Apparently, the template that I was using was preventing you all from doing this. Sorry for the inconvenience! And now, I will post something of philosophical nature. What is the ability to see? It is the comprehension of our environments through visual learning. But, how is it that when someone is blind, they see darkness? Why is it that when someone is deaf, they can still sense that they are hearing nothing? How is this? How is it that we have these senses, but not others? Perhaps we cannot know the full extent of our senses because we don't know the absence thereof. Even those who are born with these absences of ability are able to sense that there is something missing with their body. Is this knowledge embedded in our minds? Or is it our observances of our surroundings? These are things that only God can answer.

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