Sunday, November 7, 2010


What in the world is gravitation? The definition of gravitation is a natural phenomenon in which two objects with mass attract each other. But what is gravity, to be exact? Nobody really actually knows for sure, because we don't exactly know what gravity is, or how it is generated. Electromagnetism is much stronger than gravity, but it can be measured and can be traced. We can find the electromagnetic source by tracking the field around that which is producing the field. But gravity, that is something that is only measured by the effect it has on matter. We can't really gauge how the congregation of matter creates gravitational pulls and fields. Einstein suggested that gravity is something's effect on time-space. He spoke of a three dimensional grid going through all of space, and when something has a lot of matter, it acts like a bowling ball on a suspended and stretched out blanket. The ball creates a bowl-like shape, and anything that gets sucked into the bowl is sent towards the ball. This is the same, only it occurs on all three dimensional planes, which is hard to comprehend. Einstein also said,"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." And he's right, according to the equation used to find out how much gravitational pull two objects have on each other. According to this equation, the pull between two humans is almost nothing. But, gravitation is mostly applied in physics, like with satellites orbiting the planet. In reality, the satellites are falling fast enough to miss the earth, and thus are kept in orbit. This explains the weightless sensation in space, because we are basically falling endlessly.

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