Thursday, November 18, 2010


When somebody asks, is the glass half full or half empty, you automatically think, "I'm an optimist, so it's half full." But in reality, the glass isn't half full nor half empty. It's actually full of water and air. So long as one is present, the other is present in the same amount in volume. But, when the glass is taken away, then it's just scattered water on the floor and air that has diffused into the air within the room. Thus the water and the air must exist separately because there is nothing to hold them together. Eventually, though, the water will evaporate and will diffuse into the air. However, it will never reunite with those exact air molecules, no matter what kind of environmental miracles occur. In this sense, many things need other things in order to survive properly without grief. Humans need clean water to survive without grief, because with dirty water, humans still survive, but with many diseases that are transfered among those who drank that water. Humans need shelter to survive without grief, because we could survive without shelter, but we would be subject to all of the elements. Humans also can survive without well cooked food, but it would be tedious. Love, hate, pain, comfort, sight, blindness, sleep, insomnia, fruition, and emptiness. These are but a few of the things we live with, some very pleasureable and joyful, others, painful and greivous. The impossibility of the water and air reuniting fully is guaranteed because somebody decided to take the glass away. And now, that bond will never be recreated fully. And this, my fellow people, is what has happened to me, because of me being naive, reckless, and impatient. And now, the glass has been taken from me, and I can never fully reunite with the other element that was inside the glass.

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