Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Unknown

One of the most intense fears that all human beings share is the fear of the unknown. Standing on a diving board at a pool at night, you can't tell if there's water or not, so naturally, you don't jump because, first, it would be freaky if there was water, and second, if there wasn't water, you'd be pretty banged up. And so there is the unquenchable need to learn, to be curious, to wonder about that which cannot be known, and sadly, our need to know will never be satiated. As long as we don't have the ability to understand something as small, yet complex as a protein that could heal someone of cancer, or something as large, yet so distant, as another galaxy, we won't be able to comprehend everything. One thing that would be very useful in the long run would be if we could create a protein that elongated the life of the cell by 5 years. This way, we could live for much longer periods of time, have more children in that time, like Adam and Eve, and travel to extremely far away places by using another protein to stop all monetary progress of the cell, and thus put the entire body in stasis for very long flights or travels. Then again, this is only theoretical, and therefore is a matter for God to handle. But anyways, we live our lives based on fact, even if that fact is hard to accept, such as death. And there are those who live their lives in deceit, making a living off of it in fact, like politicians or bureaucrats. These facts are what give us order and peace to live on, whereas, lies and deceit leave a place for the unknown, and therefore, are unstable.


  1. Or is it that when we're faced with the unknown we populate it with our worst fears? When I was little, I was terrified of the dark. Or rather, I was terrified of what I thought was lurking in the dark. I imagined that there was this bird under my bed that looked a lot like a vulture. If any of my skin wasn't under the covers, it would come out and eat off that patch of skin. There was also a hulking, otherwise nondescript monster that lived in the closet.

  2. I saw a clip of this one movie where a guy was on fire and he was running around, so I always imagined the boogie man was all charred and black. And I always thought that whenever it was dark and I was leaving a room, something that I hadn't seen was following me and would try to grab me before I left the room.