Tuesday, October 26, 2010

School, the necessary, yet hated, educational program.

Well, here I am at school.........updating my blog. It's a weird sensation, knowing that I can update my blog, but I can't check facebook or youtube. It seems that those things are too stimulating for school-going teenagers, and so must be banned. School is regarded by many to be very boring, tedious, and stressful all at the same time. And who wouldn't? Some assignments are given out of a bad mood that the teacher is in. Others are given because there are goof-offs that won't shut up and thus the whole class gets an unplanned assignment. School is something that we students are legally obliged to attend, and if we don't, we can be prosecuted in the court of law. It's ironic that a thing so controlled by the law is so easily changed by a teacher who decides they can give any kind of assignment to the students. College, on the other hand, is people teaching others what they know with only a few tests to see what they have learned. This method of teaching is concrete, and cannot be changed because it is a person teaching what he or she knows to a bunch of college students. And to go along with it, we don't have to attend because they don't really care if we attend or not, because we're paying the money. The irony is in the difference in education. Maleable, yet enforced by law, or concrete, yet is meant for you to attend when you want to.


  1. Most of my college classes had PLENTY of assignments, and some wicked projects and papers along with those sometimes horribly difficult tests. Some don't do any tests--just projects and papers. Whatever method they choose, they keep you pretty busy! I even had some who took role (not very many) and part of your grade was based on attendance. The good thing about it, though, was that most classes had the entire semester's work all planned out and gave it to you on a syllabus the first day. So yeah, there were no surprises that way. In my opinion, classes in college are far more malleable than high school ones. That's just me, though.

  2. I've had plenty of college teachers that took attendance and would fail you for absenteeism even if you aced all of the tests. I also received a few 'punishment assignments' when the teacher felt like the class wasn't participatory enough.