Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meaning of Existence

Until recently, I had the total and unfailing belief in the creation of everything by the hand of God. Now, by "Until recently" I don't mean that my beliefs have changed. I am merely setting the stage for the discussion on what people try to argue as the "natural order" of things.
Many handfuls of scientists believe that this universe came about by the means of a cataclysmic explosion of matter known as the "Big Bang". As the universe formed, the bits known as atoms came together. Wait. Why are the bits shaped as they are? I mean, if this is the only reality that we currently know about, then as far as we know, it's the ONLY reality. Now, if it's the solitary reality of existence, then why are atoms shaped the way they are? Atoms have a very basic shape, but why aren't they another basic shape as well?
Along another precept is the rise of living beings as we know it, and the evolution of species as we know it. In the beginning, when the world had oceans and dirt, theoretically, some endoplasmic goo was at just the right consistency for life, but needed energy. As chance would have it, a lightning bolt struck it and organized it into the most basic form of DNA. Eventually, that DNA molecule designed itself into the first microorganisms. Wait. What purpose would a bacterial organism have to live? What would the point be of living off of the elements around you, if you are only going to die without having accomplished anything except the reproduction of yourself? Why reproduce? What point does reproduction have? It's not survival, as many people state, because that original organism is STILL GOING TO DIE.
Along another point, how is it that plants developed on the land? I mean, why would they need to grow and develop on land? I mean, all there was on land was dirt and minerals necessary for survival, but what was the purpose of living if all you were going to do is reproduce and then die? And how is it that at some point along the way, those little organisms divided into two groups. Those that are autotrophic and those that are heterotrophic. In that case, how is it that the heterotrophic organisms didn't wipe out the autotrophic ones? I mean, how did one little organism divide into two completely different organisms?
As the organisms gained complexity and diversity, two distinct multi-cellular groups emerged. Plant-life, and animals. Now, as we all know, there are ecosystems that have certain animals dependent on certain plants, and vice versa. But, how is it that these organisms became mutually existent? How is it that the DNA saw that it needed to rely solely on this OTHER DNA? How is it that these organisms, which had no way of communicating their needs to the plants, could have genes specifically organized to have traits to only eat THIS plant, but not THAT plant?
Now, as we move further along, scientists, mainly microbiologists, biologists, and certain other areas of study, have noticed that at some point, reptilian organisms, also known as dinosaurs, came into existence. Now, I reiterate. Why would that organism have any point in living? What would the product of this be? Reproduction, and death. Then what? Its offspring carry out the same monotonous actions and eventually, arrive at the same end. Then, almost inexplicably, every single one of those reptiles was eliminated by some supercatastrophe, resulting in the extinction of EVERY SINGLE ONE of the species of dinosaur. Not one, not two, but ALL of the species. Now, based on the preface that natural selection codes for advantageous traits, why didn't at least one of these beasts have the ability to survive this? I mean, the survivors of this supposed catastrophe were RODENTS. Mammals! Mammals would have been in the minority, and now, they were the majority? Well then, why do we still have reptiles? I thought they all died out.
Now, as mammals developed into more complex and diverse forms, the reliance on each other did not vary. Wait, what? Diversity didn't change animals' diets and habitats? Hmmm. And then, as humanoid animals came into existence, mainly primates, higher brain functions began to be inferred by scientists. They thought that as these "monkies" came into existence, they brought with them a higher brain function. And as natural selection would have it, that intelligence kept progressing. Soon, humans emerged from this.
Now, on another topic, why is there only one species of human? I mean, with natural selection, the less adaptable animal dies out or is absorbed into the more advantageous group. But how is it that we still have monkeys? Wouldn't they be absorbed into our gene pool? Wait. What about all of the other species? Why haven't they died out or been absorbed over the "millions" of supposed years that humans have been in existence? And yet somehow there are still billions of species of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
After having stated all of those things, I'm going to say this. How can this be the result of a completely "natural" and unorganized event? How is it that all of this; the ecosystems, the wars, the atoms, the monkeys, the animal diversity, the insects, and all of the other things on this planet; how is it that these are the result of something unorganized and undirected? I say unto you, THEY CANNOT. It is not possible for an existence such as this to be merely chance. The odds of it happening are ZERO. I mean, in the first place, how is it that this reality came to be? I mean, why does it even exist? Obviously, God had need of it, and thus created it. How did atoms have the law to attract to each other and BIND? God had need, and created. How did life come to be? God had need, and created. How did animals diverge into billions of different species? God had need, and created. Why are humans here? To be tested. To be tried. To be proven worthy of the powers of Godhood, and proving ourselves in all matters of life. This is not a chance existence. We are here with a purpose, the one purpose that gives all other things purpose. We are children of God, and need to live down here in mortal bodies in order to be resurrected in eternally perfected bodies. Once this is put forth, it shows that animals, plants, atoms, monkeys, animal diversity, ecosystems, and many other things were put here for us to survive and reproduce with. And why do we reproduce? We do it in order to allow others in the pre-mortal life to enter this mortal probation. THAT, my friends, is the one purpose. THAT is why the denial and rejection of a living God is utterly and completely impossible.

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